Friday, April 8, 2016

Fun Facts Friday:

Oliver is at the size and point where I want to bottle him up and keep him this way forever, He is so sweet and cuddly and I don't want him to grow up! I have been catching him getting into things that have been left behind. He picks everything up so carefully and studies it in his chubby little hands. I can't even handle how adorable he is.

It will be fun celebrating Marshall and Oliver's birthdays together. Ezra and I also celebrate Birthdays together, We aren't much "birthday party" people, so it makes our lives easier to combine the special day!

You can hardly tell from the birthday photos of Oliver, but he had a high fever all day. It was 103.3 before I ran him to UrgentCare that night. I was worried sick! His sick with red and hot and he wasn't acting like his usually happy self. The doctor thought he had Fifths disease. I never actually thought he had it... I think he just had a high temp and because of that, he was rosy and flushed. He never actually had a concerning rash. Nobody else was sick this week, thank heavens! I can't handle all these runs to the doctors!

Bubble baths are a new level of excitement for these boys since Eli realized he could dip his whole face into the water WITH his eyes open! It was pretty fun to watch them laughing about this.

This week, we learned about how we are UNIQUE. How we are one of a kind and that even though we may have similarities to someone else, we will never be exactly like them. This lesson made a really wonderful impact on my children. It felt really good to remind them of how special and wonderful they are for who they are and how Heavenly Father designed them. This opened the door for great conversation about people of another race, ethnicities and disabilities. My children now have an understanding that differences amongst others is never bad but "unique" and makes them special and who they are. I wish more people remembered this. 

Eli got a new superman costume for our growing collection of dress up clothes. I would much rather buy them a costume than a new toy. They get way more use of out of them and I love where their imaginations take them. Besides, they are so cute in these costumes. I love playing pretend.

I snatched a photo of Ezra during his piano lesson this week. He is loving it and doing very well. I wasn't so sure he was ready for something like this, but he is surprising me! He is reminding ME that he needs to practice daily and he is catching on quickly. I am really proud of him.

Last Saturday, Eli and I ran to target and while we were there, he must have been exposed to SOMETHING. I have no idea exactly what it was, but he had an alarming allergic reaction to it.
He sneezed an explosive sneeze and I stopped in my tracks to wipe his glasses and his face off and was taken back by how swollen his eye was! I immediately checked out and raced home and kept asking him if he was ok,  and made sure his color wasn't changing or that he wasn't having trouble breathing. 

These kids have definitely been keeping us on our toes. Never a dull moment!
This is 8 hours after benadryl. He wasn't completely over the swelling until the next afternoon.