Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Birthday, Marshall!

Marshall deserves a day where we can all stop and recognize him.
Whenever I think of how wonderful and good Marshall is, I immediately thank my Heavenly Father for loving me so much that he would put Marshall in my life. Marshall always does the right thing. ALWAYS. 
So much that it will drive (me/you/anyone) a little bit crazy because you will know he is right.
He is moral,principled,conscientious,trustworthy, practical, logical, PATIENT,goofy, kind, loving, and he is the perfect man for my boys to have as a father and role model in their lives.

Every morning you will find him half dressed shuffling through the house getting himself ready to leave for work and hearkening to the demands from the boys. Usually,the minute his feet plant on the floor in the morning, the boys hear and instantly wake up. They look forward to sharing toast with him in the morning and swapping stories of their dreams. 

During the day, we all miss him. He works hard and never complains that he has to go in. He knows it's what he must do so we we will always have what we need and he is great example of devotion and hard work.

Every evening you will find him reading to the boys. He devotes hours (I am not kidding) reading to our boys. Every night (since they were born) he has read to them. And it doesn't matter if he has the same book for the last 5 days, he picks it up and reads it just as excitedly as he did the first time.
The boys love this time with him. They have him right where they want him. 


 Even when Marshall's hands are full to the brim. He doesn't skip a beat in his reading. He keeps on going.....

Marshall encourages imagination and playtime for our boys. He is positive in their creative world and he is the reason behind the boys imaginary shenanigans. (I only take a little credit for this;) When they boys are supposed to be winding down for the night, it is sometimes Marshall who is the one getting them wild before bed. And as hard as it is to quiet them back down for bed, he does it! He tucks the boys in every night and tells them that he loves them. Every day he creates safety, security and a loving refuge for our family. We love him so much for all that he does and all that he sacrifices to provide for our family.

Marshall, You deserve a day to honor and celebrate the man that you are.

Happy (36th) Birthday!