Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy First Birthday, Oliver!!

I could hear Oliver waking up. I jiggled the door knob and opened the door into his room. I could only make out his fluffy blonde hair from over the rail of his crib. His cheeks were wet from his tears, and his body was still warm from being under his blanket while he slept. I held him close to my chest while his fingers tangled themselves in my hair. I swayed and bounced and sang happy birthday to him in a whisper. My baby is already one and I hardly feel like my newborn bliss should be over with him. 

Before Oliver came to our family, I remember thinking how different our lives would be having another little boy in our home. Flash forward to now and our lives aren't that much different at all. I can't even imagine our lives without him. He fits in so well in our family, it was like he has always been with us. He is the sweetest most patient little spirit. He watches and listens contently all the time. He loves to be surrounded by his brothers and wants to be right in the mix of the chaos the boys bring. He is definitely a mama's boy, which I kind of love. He literally clings to me when we are around new people until he feels comfortable. He is always smiley and everyone comments on how bright and blue his eyes are. He is cruising around the furniture, will walk with us as we hold onto his tight little grip, He prefers to feed himself and wants to eat whatever we are eating, he loves his baths and loves any attention you will give him, 
I feel so incredibly blessed to be your mommy, Oliver. 
You bring so much joy into my life and I know you will bring joy to anyone who knows you in your years to come.

I love you.