Monday, May 30, 2016

Catching up!

My boys are growing quickly day by day. Their bodies are a little more swift and agile, a little less clumsy and frustrated. Individually they are all learning new things they can do. Oliver has been letting go of his surroundings and has been walking on his own. He is balancing on his chubby little feet and tottering around our house. He is even eager to be dressed in anything we put on him. He loves to play dress up like his brothers. Eli is nearly as fast as Ezra as they run around outside. Eli learned this week that he can balance on one leg. He is also hopping and jumping around with such amazing endurance. I wish I could bottle his leg strength and make it my own! Ezra has been practicing hard on the piano and with his reading. He has even been helping me read books to Eli and Oliver. He has been working on his Legos more than usual this week and has been sweet to build little ships, boats and helicopters for Eli.

There is nothing in this world that makes me prouder or more successful than my children. 
I am honored to be their mother and feel blessed beyond measure to raise these boys to become honorable men.

The boys made sure to make me feel special on Mother's day. This year they made me (tried to replicate) a tremendous twelve. It was delicious. They are still telling me "Happy Mother's day"

I love how my boys love their grandma(s) My mom has been so willing to help me out whenever I need her and the boys know that she will sit and work on their puzzles or read them books for a never ending amount of time. I haven't mentioned this before, but my mom's memory is starting to go and it can be frustrating and hilarious and sad and even scary. Her health is fine and she is in good spirits. We all take each day at a time and enjoy being with her.

Ezra is still creating little treasures and wanting to photograph his work. Here is his latest.

We try our best to remember to put Eli's eye patch on but we mostly always forget. BUT when we do, it's "pirate time" and the role playing begins.

We had friends over this week and Ezra asked to hold baby J. I forgot how much Ezra loves to snuggle little babies (because Oliver is so big now!) He held him close and sang him twinkle, twinkle little star. Then he started asking when we could have another baby in our house.

Ezra's last day of his lego/stem class was last week. Hooray for Summer!!!!
We are still learning a lot at home and the boys are asking so many great questions. It is so fun learning with them about all sorts of things.

It's been such a long time since I have refurbished anything and this was a recent project. 
The boys were needing a dresser and I found a great one and made it work for their space. 
Now their clothes are in order! It has been a long time coming!

Marshall took the boys camping (a church organized event) and they had a BLAST. Marshall was pretty overwhelmed with all the prep and order of it all and especially watching the boys on his own while setting up tents and in the wild outdoors. Marshall did great and the boys loved it. Marshall said that they were up most of the night and nobody really got any sleep.
Now that they've done this, Marshall seems to think he has a better idea of what to do next time. I am sure it will get easier and the memories will be etched in all of their minds forever.

These were the photos I got while they were away.

I didn't sleep well at all that night. I felt like a mama duck that came back to an empty nest. I feel like a part of my heart is gone when my children aren't near me.

Marshall picked up a hammock and we set it up on a perfect afternoon last week.
With the rai, we haven't been able to lay in it since, but we all loved it. Especially Oliver!

My heart has been so full lately and when I look at this picture all I see is how incredibly blessed I am. This man and these boys are my world. 

Eli and Oliver have the sweetest bond. I catch them holding hands in the car from time to time and this was from our most recent walk to Dairy Queen. 

Another random and funny thing. How hilariously weird is this "robot" costume from Ikea?
The boys really pulled my leg for it and I caved. But now I am not even sorry.
Eli looks so funny in it and has been wearing it around all week!

Our latest big home project!! TA DA!

When Marshall took the boys camping, I enlisted some help from some family and missionaries to help rip out our nasty carpet to expose the hardwood that was hidden underneath. Our house looks like it's been totally made over. It is a beautiful update!
Check it out!

Marshall and I have been able to sneak out on a couple of dates lately. I am so glad we are able to spend some time one on one together. It's so important to step out of the house and the responsibilities that are always there, it's always nice to have a break.

A couple other random things.

-Marshall and I have been challenging/supporting each other with our fitness. He's been so supportive and encouraging of me getting to the gym in the morning and with my meal preps and I've been participating in his dips/push up challenges he asks me to join in on. It's FUN! (Don't get me wrong. I love a whopper now and then!)

- We signed the boys up in swimming, they will be in the same class which will be fun for them and easier for us. And Ezra will be on a real soccer team! We are SO excited for him and to cheer him on,

- I am finally getting a grip on the order of our home! This has been a struggle for me in the past year, I just haven't felt like our home has been as orderly as I would like it. We live in such a space that it can easily feel cluttered and chaotic, but I've been going through things, throwing them out and purchasing storage to put clothes, paperwork and other things in their proper place. Things are coming together and I feel so much less stress.

-With the organizing, I've also been able to keep up with our cleaning calendar. I can't tell you how much I LOVE that I do this. Everyday there is a small job to do and then I'm done! My house doesn't get let go, which it so easily can! And my laundry! Now that the boys have a dresser and I have organized our bedroom (and purchased another dresser) Our laundry is actually FUN to put away. (I am such a dork, but this brings me so much joy!)

-Our water heater was replaced (kind of planned....) but now it is spanking new and the water is nice and warm!

-Marshall and I would like to get started on our next project. Time and Money. We are hoping to knock down our existing fence in the backyard and put up a new one before the end of summer. 

Hope you have a beautiful day!