Friday, May 6, 2016

Fun Facts Friday: With loads of photos.

Let's catch up (with photos)

- Nothing can turn Oliver's frown upside down faster than placing a costume accessory onto his head or body. He has learned this from his big brothers.

-The boys were invited to a friend's birthday party a few weeks ago (at a trampoline park) and it was a blast for them. It totally wore them out! I loved watching the boys encouraging each other to do new things. 

-Ezra is becoming the coolest kid. He is learning what his body is capable of and I love watching him experience these moments. He started off slow and shaky as he climbed this wall and would almost immediately jump into the foam blocks out of fear and self doubt and after much practice and self motivation and (mom cheering on from the side) he was able to climb a little higher every time and even to the very top and wasn't afraid to jump off when he completed. It is such a joy to watch him overcome his fears and watch what he is truly capable of if he puts his mind to it.

-We love having friends over. The boys, especially love when girls come over. They play so well and so gently with girls. It makes me want a little girl so badly! When explaining all the things that we would be doing when our (girl) friend was over, Ezra said, "OOO! I've never done those things with a girl before!" It was really funny.

-Oliver can be a real disaster when he eats, and I've never been able to set the other boys in the sink to clean them up (bathe them) because our old sink was so disgusting and shallow, but it's been a whole new world to me to be able to do this. I feel a little old timey and "real mom like" putting him in there. He loves it and he is starting to get too big for it.

-Anyone else have to hide the tape at their house? For some reason, tape expands my kids imaginations in ways I didn't know was possible. I am not sure why it is SO amazing to have tape. 

-The days have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we have been outside as much as possible lately.
Oliver loves it, too. I wish he was walking on his own so we could let him down to explore. He likes to put everything in his mouth and loves to get filthy dirty so we are usually holding him as he tries to escape our holds.

-The boys love this little car. Everyone should own one for their kids. This saves us with Oliver, he can even reach the ground to push him self around (that is, until he slides through and gets run over by his brothers....)

-I packed the boys up and went to the park after lunch one day this week. Oliver LOVES to be pushed in the swings. 

-There is a baseball/softball diamond that we have the boys run the bases at (to get rid of some energy) they LOVE to do this and it totally exhausts them. 

-I love when Ezra offers to take the camera for a while. Eli and Oliver are obsessed with " all the beautiful flowers" (dandelions) It's sweet when Eli gathers a handful and tells me he loves me.

-We also went to the Zoo this week! (We have had a fun week!)
I love prepping my boys for days out like this. They were excited about all that they would see and even the paper bag lunch that I packed for them. We met up with our favorite girl, Rachel and enjoyed a great day out. I quiz Ezra about all the things that we see. I ask him questions about what we read on the signs as we go along, and I am also so impressed about what he actually remembers. 
I quiz him all the time. For example, if we go on a walk, I tell him to pay close attention to all that he sees because I will ask him questions about it when we get home. I say things like... "while we waited to cross the road, how many buses passed us before we could cross? He answered 3! He was correct, then, I asked, "how many long and how many short?" He answered "2 long, and 1 short!" He is really good at this! Try it with your kids, it's fun!

-I love my mom more than anything and I love any opportunity there is to spoil her. We celebrated her Birthday last weekend and will celebrate her and all that she has ever done for us this Sunday. She has been such an incredibly help to me with my boys this past year and I can't fathom raising my boys with out her. She is such an amazing and sweet influence in their lives.

-Some photos from instagram:
-Ezra was able to go to "Take your kid to work day" with Marshall and LOVED it. He was SO excited and wanted to go back the next day. Later that day, his name was on the Dairy Queen Marquee which is VERY exciting at our house (we LOVE dq) and they stopped and got some ice cream on the way home. It was the best day for him.

-We assembled the boys beds into a bunk bed this week. We didn't think it would take as long as it did, but that's how everything goes in our house. The boys have been fantastic at following the rules with it. (No jumping, playing or climbing on it and definitely NO jumping off the top, and no one other than Ezra on the top bunk)  I thought they would be too excited to sleep, but they both have done great! No problems!
-Here is Eli, being who he is. Adorable and sweet.
-We picked up his new glasses this week. He can see better and more clearly! His last glasses were SO scratched and filthy! We thought we would change it up and get a new color for him and they look great. He is so handsome!

A couple other fun facts:

-I had my very first facial (microderm and a peel, the works!) Why has it taken me so long to do this! I am doing this regularly from now on! 

-Marshall and I LOVE James corden's carpool karaoke. We smile the whole time we watch it, we can't even help it. I think James Corden has the best job in the entire world. I want his job. I want to be him.

- Marshall has been getting help with his back (seeing a chiropractor regularly and getting new exercises)  He was given the okay to start waking and slowly jog. This is big news for him and hoping that he will feel okay transitioning into it.

- I have been SO good at getting to the gym in the mornings, I feel so much stronger and I have so much more energy. I am grateful to be able to get the the gym in the morning to do this and especially for a baby that is sleeping so I can get up this early! 

-Marshall is planning on taking Ezra and Eli camping in a couple weeks and I am anxiously horrified and out of mind excited for them, although, I told him that I can't prepare for this and that he will have to take the reigns on this one. My mind can't fully comprehend or prepare for a night OUTdoors with my children. Way to go Marshall for taking this on! It will be fun for them!

-Oliver is 13 months old, I seriously cannot keep up with my children anymore. Everything everyone says about "it going fast" is TRUE! And I HATE IT! I want to keep them little forever!

We are looking forward to another beautiful couple days! We hope to be outside!
Have a great weekend!