Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Marshall.

Marshall isn't the man that I thought I married. I knew he would be a wonderful companion to me and make a wonderful father. But thinking it and actually living it are completely different experiences. I am lucky to have had front row seats to this amazing and beautiful life changing reality.

Over the last (almost 8 years) that we have been married, and since he became a father, he has transformed into a time sacrificing, self sacrificing man, called Dad. 

When I think of Marshall, I think of the word, "HOW"

I catch myself often explaining to the boys what something is, why something is, when something is, who someone is and where something is. But I have realized that the boys rarely ask me how something is done. 

They have come to learn for themselves that their father will teach them 'how' and they look forward to asking him as soon as they can.

Marshall will lower his eyes to theirs, use his hands with theirs and speak to the them in the most gentle and assuring way. When he speaks, he teaches, when he acts, he teaches, when he loves, he teaches. And he is the perfect example for them of "HOW" things are done. 

He uses simple words that their minds can understand to explain what he is trying to explain to them. He uses experiences from their short little lives to create analogies and lessons for them to understand  the bigger pictures or a life lesson.

He never skips to the point. He never races through an explanation or a story. He stops everything to teach the boys (and whoever is around) the hows in life. My boys cherish their daddy. I watch them move around him when he is in their presence. They are right at his feet and hate to leave his side, (even to go potty.) 

Marshall spends HOURS. (And I am not kidding.) reading to the boys every night. 
This uninterrupted time on his lap hanging on every word read from their dad has established a deep rooted love, trust and knowledge that their father loves them and loves to be with them.

Marshall loves me, too. Marshall will wrap his arms around me and squeeze me tight and before we know it, there are 3 pairs of arms and hands wrapped around our legs hugging us, too. 
There is no doubt in my mind that these boys ever question the love that is felt from their daddy toward them, or their mother at anytime.

Marshall loves his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is obvious through his language and it is taught through the action within our home and with others outside of our home.

I thank God everyday for Marshall, I cannot imagine a more engaged and loving father for my children or a sweeter, more devoted husband to me and our family.

Happy Father's Day, Marshall.

We love you more than words can describe.

Thank you for showing us How to love and How to be loved.