Monday, June 20, 2016

Sister Time+Soccer Time

 A couple weeks ago, my sister and her family came to visit. It was so great to get together and for all the cousins to play. We had a little family party and the boys ran around and tackled each other in the grass and it was the best entertainment. Ezra and Grayson threw back some root beers while running through bubbles and we had a delicious bbq with tons of food. We love listening to Ezra and his cousin, Grayson have conversations together over their super exciting lives. They found so much to talk about.

Ezra also started soccer last week. He had his very first game and it was surprisingly intense. I am pretty sure Marshall and I are the crazy loud parents, I could hardly talk the next day from all my cheering. I couldn't even control myself. Ezra was so proud to be on a real team and he played SO well. We are encouraging him to score a goal and we have told him that when he does, we will get some ice cream. He has been praying that he will score. It's pretty sweet.

My sisters, my mom and I were able to go wedding dress shopping for Kelly. It was a great time and Kelly looked beautiful in absolutely EVERY dress. How is that even possible? She found one! (No, that's not her dress below)  And we are getting so so so excited for her big day, although we will have a year to wait! We met up with her fiance, Mike, afterwards for lunch and ice cream at a place called, MilkJam. And it's amazing. You'll have to try it.

While I spent the day away from the boys, Marshall took them to Aviation Days. They had a blast! I love these photos of Ezra with the helmet on. He looks SO grown up!

Kelly and Mike had a beautiful engagement party on the Mississippi River. We had a babysitter and partied on a boat! We had such a great time! Somehow I ended up with a selfiestick and took way too many selfies! It was a 90 degree day but we stayed nice and cool on the water. We had such a nice night.

 Marshall and the boys attended the superhero storytime last weekend and the boys had such a great time. They both insisted on wearing their costumes, and they were the only ones. Marshall said they received a lot of compliments. :) I love that the boys and Marshall have such a great relationship with books. We LOVE books in our house.

I think I have caught up on the news from our home as of late. We will continue to keep things rolling over here!