Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Catching up.

I feel like in just the last month, I have watched my children transform into PEOPLE. They have real opinions, voices, desires, goals and so much to talk about. They are creating lives of meaning and purpose even at such a young age. They are understanding life and it's importance. I have started doing a history lesson a day over lunch time with the boys. We started learning about the pre existence, (our time before we came to Earth) The creation, Adam and Eve and other things. There has been nothing more inspiring than watching Ezra (and sometimes Eli) grasp the importance of this life and the world created around them and for them.
We've been staying close to home with the heat that we've had. I don't do well in the heat. I am down right grumpy and uncomfortable and prefer to keep everyone indoors. It hasn't been too hard to keep the boys from being bored (not to say that they don't get bored, because they DO!). They are pretty easily entertained with whatever they find. 
They've been helpful with dinners when I have asked. We made pancakes the other night and the boys helped make the mix, add the chocolate chips, pour, flip and serve them. Eli set the table and was proud to do it. I have been able to count on the fact that if my boys are ever bored, I can get them to help with pretty much anything. I am not sure this will last long, so I am milking it now.

On a hot hot day last week, my mom and I took the boys to the Mall of America. They rode some rides and I think they're most favorite thing was walking through Lego land and seeing all the huge lego creations. Ezra insisted that we sat in the best place at the food court to see all the legos. This was FUN!

When it isn't too hot, I encourage everyone to be outside. Oliver loves his big brothers! Oliver is our first kid to be climb up and over our furniture and wiggles and runs free at any moment. He is BUSY! I can't turn my head for a second with him. He is always into something and cleaning with him around is absolutely useless. He sabotages lego creations, laundry piles and perfectly stacked books in the cases... he is a little terror. But he is SO sweet.

Ezra and Eli's most favorite place to be is the library. We go when we can make it to storytime. We were beyond excited when they pulled out the parachute. I thought Eli was going to lose his mind when they made it a bubble and said he could go in it. I LOVED the parachute when I was younger and it was so awesome to watch the kids experience this same joy.

I am grateful for a friend who suggested that we go to "super hero day" at the community center. I wasn't planning on letting my kids play in the indoor maze...but it happened. And while I stood helpless below quietly breathing though my anxiety attack, the boys ran wildly (but together! because I threatened that if they didn't- we'd leave) through the maze. They had a blast, and I couldn't handle the stress of it. I stuck it out for as long as I could, which I was proud of myself for doing. I don't like when I can't see where my kids are and to be stuck on the ground with Oliver, who can't do anything (really) for himself and not knowing anyone around to ask for help (if there was an emergency) is the worst feeling in the world. Next time, we will make sure to bring Marshall. 

Ezra had a little job last week. It was awesome to see how devoted and responsible Ezra can be. He was hired to water and tend to a friend's garden. We went over everyday (unless it rained) in the hot, hot, heat. Ezra plucked the veggies when they were ready to be picked and he carefully studied each plant to see what was ready to be pulled and he gently pulled them and placed them in our bag. He couldn't wait to get home and taste them. He was proud of his work and that he was relied on. He loved earning a little cash to put in his wallet, too. 

Ezra's soccer team had a great season, I think they won all of their games!Ezra really liked playing defense. I am proud. I was always a defender on the field back in the day.
 Ezra got to play against his buddy, Evan a few weeks ago and he was SO excited. Ezra is so polite that we are trying to encourage him to be a little more aggressive on the field. We will be doing lots of practice to toughen him up a bit.;)

Marshall and I have been out on a couple dates, some with friends and some just the two of us and we are so grateful for the time we have to get away and regroup as a couple. Life is crazy and it is so good to have fun together! We went to the Temple and dinner and also went to the Mpls Aquatennial fireworks with friends for the first time. They were the best I had ever seen!

A couple other things.

Marshall and I have been looking at houses (online and drive bys mostly) everyday. We even have a realtor trying to help us. We would really like to move off of our busy street, but are also looking for a home to raise our boys in, and also a place where I can still work at home. This is not easy to find in the market we are in. We aren't in a hurry, but it would be awesome if we could find something before the end of the year. I've already been boxing things away. This has been a very stressful process already and we are trying to be patient and to have faith that there is something out there for us. Please keep us in your prayers.

I cleaned out and purged my kitchen cabinets last weekend and I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly therapeutic that was for me. I feel like our house is a million times more organized and in order just from doing that! My refrigerator was scrubbed from inside out, my microwave and all our food is up to date! I tossed so many expired spices it was just embarrassing! Now they are in alphabetical order :)

Marshall received an unexpected new calling at church. He will now be serving with the Young Men. These boys go on campouts once a month! Marshall is excited and nervous. I think it will be so good for him and our own boys! It's so fun!

I gave up sugar almost 5 weeks ago! I also have been following the keto diet (to a T!) and I feel AMAZING. 

Summer is going so fast! We are looking forward to driving up to Duluth and riding Thomas the Train (for the 3rd time?) next Saturday! Oliver is old enough now to actually enjoy it and Ezra and Eli will be able to show him (and our friends who will be coming, too) all the cool things! 

And the State Fair! That will be here before we know it! I am already thinking about all the keto friendly foods I can eat!