Friday, July 8, 2016

(Our) 4th of July!

We went to our church's annual 4th of July Breakfast in the park picnic. We have gone every year since we can remember and it's always such a lovely morning. The boys ate up all the fruit and banana bread they were allowed. 

Oliver could NOT get enough of all the pups that were there. He wanted to pet, squeeze, pull, walk and steal these doggies. I don't blame him, they were so sweet!

The teenagers were loving on Oliver, too. He was soaking it all in. He is such a ham.

There was a beach with a lot of cool sand games and the boys weren't planning on getting wet. We didn't prepare for them to get wet, either. The boys ran back totally soaked and we wrapped out picnic blanket around them as they shivered together to keep warm.

Once they warmed up, they were ready to get back out to play. 

After heading home for lunch and naps, we took a family walk to pick up some fireworks that were sold down the road. This was the boys most anticipated event of the day. They were begging all day to go and pick some up. We didn't get much, but what we did get, totally amazed them. Eli was saying things like, "I can't believe my eyes!" and "I can't belIEVE this!!" and "I could do this all night!" while Ezra louded cheered, "Happy 4th of July!!" for all the neighbors to hear.

Marshall made sure to tell the boys to give him a thumbs up if they were ready for him to light them up! They were so good to let him know.

Another great 4th of July as a family.

Hope you had a good one.