Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day at the Mn zoo

We know just how quickly our summer days can get away from us so Marshall and I put this trip on the calendar a couple months back. The weather was PERFECT and we have looked forward to getting out as a family since the last time we got out together. 
These are some of my favorite days.

The boys were most excited about the Dinosaurs exhibit so it helped that this was the first thing to see on the way into the zoo.

Marshall is so good about planning our day so we can hit up the cool shows they offer. The boys always love the fish feeding in the aquarium and Oliver LOVED this one the most, I am pretty sure.

We always love the butterfly exhibit. I remember there being more last time, but they are so beautiful to enjoy,

I can't believe how close this Tiger was. I felt sad for him as he slept there alone. (I am sad for all the zoo animals, and Ezra kept having to remind me that they are here for us to LEARN- he is right!)

Marshall (in his most favorite shirt) and his boys, (band picture;) 

The bees wouldn't leave us alone while we ate lunch so Ezra and I walked around by ourselves and tried to keep busy while the rest finished up.

 While we waited for the bird show to start, Marshall and I tried to recreate one of our very first pictures we took together as a couple.

Of course, Eli had to use the bathroom right before the show started so I threw him on my back and ran to the closest one (which wasn't close at all) 

When we finally made our way to the Dino exhibit, the boys were SO excited.
I remember it being so overwhelming and scary (for kids) last time, but this time it was a lot more toned down. 

Ezra was surprised when we walked to one of the dinosaurs and it turned and opened it's mouth and sprayed him with water. Ezra's first response to it was, "AGH! I did not know it was programmed to do that!" hahahah!!

The bears were so playful. I can't believe how HUGE these bears are!

We ended our day in the aquarium (and I thought we would never leave)
The boys love that they can put their little hands in the water and try to feel the fish.

I wanted to stop at Ikea on the way home since we were already in the area and since it fell around dinner time, we had a quick, mindless, easy dinner.

Made it so much easier for when we got home and unloaded.

What a day!!

Ezra couldn't believe all the things we saw and did, it was such a big day.

We love the zoo!