Friday, August 12, 2016

Thomas Day

Last weekend was a blast with the boys. It was fun to pack us all up and drive away from home a little ways. Oliver was old enough this year to really enjoy himself and it was obvious he did. He didn't nap the entire day and he didn't want to miss a thing. There was so much to take in!

Thomas was there in all his glory and all the boys LOVED it. 

We were so happy that our dear friends were able to meet us in Duluth. The boys were excited to show Noah all the things they loved. The bouncy slide, Sir Topham, the mini train sets, and the magic show (was such a huge hit) Ezra is still asking all about magic.

We will most likely go back next year as Eli is already planning.

Eli really wanted to pick these flowers, I had to keep him from doing it.

I also had to pull the boys away from this fountain. They love water.

Oliver spent so much of the day in the stroller that he was so happy to get out walk around while he could.

The boys absolutely love skipping around on the rocky shore and tossing rocks into the lake. 
Ezra played a game called "sink or float" to see what he could find and if it would either sink or float. This kept him busy for a long time.

Eli thought he was pretty cool because his shoes were "Waterproof" and he didn't have to take them off.

I love how Eli and Oliver can't take their eyes off of Sir Topham. I also love how tightly Eli and Ezra are holding each other, like they were protecting each other from him.

All the boys loved the train. Oliver maybe the most. It was his first time riding and he wanted to be right in the window watching all the things pass by,

The magic show was the best thing these boys could have seen after the train. They didn't move from their seats and they couldn't take their eyes off of the magician. Ezra wanted to try all the tricks when he had the chance.

After dinner at Fitgers, we stopped and got some ice cream. Eli just had a cone (allergy problems) I watched everyone devour their delicious treats. (Still no sugar for me! 7 weeks and going strong)

The weather was beautiful and as always, I wish I could have stayed the entire weekend. I love getting away with my family.