Saturday, September 17, 2016

First Days of Homeschool:

I tried  (not too hard) to make their first day of home school special. I put a table cloth on the table. I picked up donuts on the way home from the gym. I suprised them with a fun time capsule worksheet and we filled them out and stuck them in a special place until the end of the year. I even took the obligatory "First day of.." picture on the front step.

We played in the costume bin and worked on our school work as "tigger"  and "Elmo" and embraced the freedom of being in costume because we are at home and we can!

We had an awesome lesson on Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden. This is their interpretation of the garden of Eden. Then we had a puppet show and even made a video.
On Thursdays, Ezra attends a homeschool co-op. He is able to sit in real classes (music,art,cooking and gym) and have lunch with his new friends. This is good for all of us! 

We have gotten into a wonderful routine. We start right away in the morning. 6:30-9:30 we have breakfast, "circle time"-we sing a couple songs, have a scripture/devotional, letter of the day, talk about the weather and the days of the week, count and work on patterns. We move into a grammar lesson, and math. We have great curriculum that we are using and the boys actually look forward to their work because it is wacky, interesting and super fun and informative. The rest of the day is free learning. We may go on field trips, learn from everyday experiences, playtime and a latter day learning lesson (Another AWESOME religious curriculum). This schedule has been really ideal for us.
We are trying to get as much of our outside play time in as possible before it gets cold. Ezra has been a good helper to Oliver. Oliver loves to eat dirt and would lay in it all day if we let him. Oliver has been the trickiest while doing school. We have to keep him pretty busy with his own things so he doesn't sabotage or distract learning time for his brothers.

We have all been pretty exhausted from all the learning. Our brains are getting buff and I found both the boys like this on the same day. Its a lot of work to take in so much information! 

So far, it's been exhausting but fun! We feel very fortunate to be together at home to learn. I am sure we will all learn so much in our journey of homeschooling.