Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun Facts Friday:

Hello! We are a month into our homeschooling adventure and it's going well! I have had many days filled with chaos, doubt and frustration and other days filled to the brim with joy, adventure and heart swelling moments of learning successfully together. There have been more emergency phone calls to Marshall, usually with the theme of "What the H were we thinking?!" and always ending with, "Kristy, you are doing great! Give yourself some credit!" and then I take a nap and start over. I mean, seriously. Who out there homeschools their children  and is able to nap? Can you imagine how guilty I feel? Here is the deal. I nap, and my kids get a break from me. They need a break from me, just as much as I need a break from them. This is their uninterrupted, independent play time. The rules are: Don't wake up mom (unless there is a dire emergency) Don't you dare wake up Oliver, Don't hurt each other. Stay downstairs and for heaven sakes, Be quiet. I am the worst, right? Well, guess what?! I get a NAP! AND my kids are quiet! And they play! TOGETHER! So it is working! and it works for everyone! I should never feel guilty about that, right? But I do, because I am hard on myself. Regardless of how I feel about myself some days, I know we are doing the right thing by homeschooling, it has truly blessed our family in more ways than we can count already. I am so grateful to be able to do this.

Here are a couple Fun Facts!

- We put a bid on a home a couple weeks back. Didn't pan out, but that's okay! We aren't in a mad rush to move. We will pick up a more serious search in the spring when our schedules aren't so crazy.

- Ezra is in a fall soccer league and Eli's in swim. Both on Tuesday nights at the same time. You can imagine the crazy in our house on these nights.

- Ezra's really enjoying playing piano and even practices on his own. Our piano is setup downstairs and a lot of mornings, I am not able to be right next to him to help him. I have set up the baby monitor (I'm lazy/busy/genius) so I can hear him while I'm upstairs with Oliver. This way he can learn to practice on his own and I can make sure he is playing it correctly.

-Did I mention that I have been working with a personal trainer at the gym? It's been fun! I am learning a lot and getting stronger! I feel great!

-Fall is my absolute favorite season and we still haven't been to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch yet. It's killing me,

-We planned on heading to the science museum on Monday. I packed the kids up, had lunches set and even picked up a friend. The museum was closed. We ended up at the Mall Of America instead. The boys were totally bummed to miss the science museum, but were excited to ride some rides and play legos at the mall. I made it a "lego learning day" we watched the lego documentary when we got home and made lego creations.

- Oliver is so big! He had his 18 month appointment. He is a little over 32 inches tall and a little more than 25 lbs. He is sturdy and happy.  He is starting to to pick up a couple words. He can confidently say , Hi, Bye, UH oh, "got it (gah ih)" Ma, da, and points and grunts to all sorts of things. He is the happiest running free outside.

-Marshall is slowly starting to gear up for the swim season and this year, I am going to embrace it. It is tough when he is away, but I can handle it.

There really hasn't been that many exciting things happening over here, but it is still good to jot it all out to come back and look at.

We are looking forward to being together as a family and watching general conference.

Here are some recent photos from my phone.

Oliver carries this little can of corn all around the house.
Loving lego land at the MOA
Embracing independence.
The boys have all tried to find the secret key to our credenza. Oliver is taking his turn.
I dare you to try and take these glasses off of Oliver's face.
Oliver recently had his very first Haircut in the salon. Cape on and everything.
A few weeks ago,we ventured out to the Nature Center and had a blast. We "put our ears on" to listen to all the sounds that nature can make and put our "lookers" on to see all the beautiful things there is to see.