Friday, September 16, 2016

Mn State Fair:

We wait all year for the state fair. We love it!

We ate a ton! We walked even more! Every year it gets a lot more fun with the boys. They are able to do more than the year before and they remember all the things that they loved.

Oliver is always such a good sport being in the stroller, he never really got to run free with all the people, and he didn't complain once.

Ezra went down the giant slide all on his own and he did great! It took him a little while to pump himself up to do it, but he did it!

Marshall was really excited for the boys to go to the home depot stand. They built their own little bird houses and did an awesome job!

Every year we are able to visit our friend's horse, Jackie. She is a beauty and was so patient with all of us. We got all the boys on her back and hurried fast to take a photo. Ezra was the most scared, Oliver loved it!!

We survived another year with the whole family and can't wait to go back next year!