Friday, October 28, 2016

Ezra is SiX!!!

If you are ever sad, worried or frustrated. Ezra will be there to let you know that he feels the same way and he will even say a little prayer that you will be happy. If you are happy or excited, he will be the first to tell you how happy he is for you. He is very sensitive to making choices. He is thoughtful and cautious of the things that he does. He loves to figure new things out. He will tear down lego buildings that he has worked on forever just to rebuild them a little better. He is eager to learn new things and there is never enough information that he can learn in one sitting. He LOVES books. ALL kinds of books. He loves to be outside playing with his dad and his brothers. He has found a love for soccer and scoring goals. He is getting more comfortable and the piano and if he sees a piano anywhere outside of our home, he asks if he can play it. He loved being able to swim with his little brother, Eli. He is such a good big brother, always guiding, protecting and teaching them the ropes. He is an amazing listener. He listens and truly understands with emotion. He asks the most profound and thoughtful questions about the world around him. He is passionate about the things that he loves and will quite literally fight to the death for them. He is an absolute rule follower (even to the point where it makes us a little crazy)
He is extremely detail oriented. He noticed the finest details in anything he sees, things that anyone else would miss. He remembers the most interesting details to stories and things he has learned. He is a wonderful student for me to teach at home. He is helpful around the house and loves to take on big projects that we might tackle as a family. He loves to work on projects with Marshall inside or outside. 
Marshall caught him last Sunday teaching the stories of Jesus to a little boy who was sitting near. He is such a missionary already. He is learning WHO he is and WHAT he stands for a little more everyday. He has become one of my best friends and he made me a mommy. I will never forget the way I felt when I held him in my arms for the first time. He was so perfectly little and his body was so warm against mine. He had the sweetest little spirit then and he has the sweetest and strongest spirit now. 

I look forward to his days that lay before him. He is going to do so much good in his life and in the world around him. 
I am so blessed to be his mother.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Ezra. 
I love you more than you may ever know.