Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm 31 and other things.

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. First and foremost, my beautiful family. I thank God everyday for my loving and supportive husband. I honestly don't know how I would survive without him. And I'm thankful for my children, who, quite literally are my life. This past year felt like it was a lot of getting back on our feet and getting settled in as who we are as a family of young boys. We have been organizing and settling into our home and our lives (even after 8 years!) and (dare I say) are almost comfortable with being a (small) big family in a (somewhat) tight space. As Marshall has taken the boys on camping trips this year (2 times this year!) I have been able to relax (somewhat) and have the house to myself. I have taken advantage of this time and either have ripped out the carpet or done massive and massive amounts of laundry. Either way, I am loving camping weekends with the boys away.
 Health issues for all the boys have eased up, and we have gotten a grip on Eli's allergies and asthma which feels like a huge relief after the year he had last year. (I think he even went to the ER on my birthday last year.) I am also grateful for my health. In June, I made a huge lifestyle change and stopped eating sugar and put myself on a low carb/high fat diet. This has quite possibly been the best thing that I could have done for my body and my sugar addiction. I no longer crave sweets, I have a million times more energy to keep up with my family and from what Marshall says, I am a lot more reasonable and happy. Sugar made me an absolute monster. It feels so liberating to be released from the hold sugar had on me. With this new way of eating, I have found that I don't need nearly as much sleep as I used to. I am amazed at how well I can function on such little sleep- granted, some days I get a nap. I also made it a point in the last couple months to take my time in the gym more seriously. I built up the confidence to work out with a trainer and to push myself a little harder and to try new things at the gym. I am so much stronger than I have ever been and have been amazed at how great I feel. Homeschooling has been another triumph/challenge (that I am sure will be for the next (forever) years). I am doing it! That's all I can really say. We are surviving. Some days are great and the boys are learning and having fun. Other days, I want to send them far, far away and crawl back in bed. To be honest, I have had breakdowns and anxieties more in the last two months than I have had in my whole life. After having Oliver, I (self diagnosed) developed an interesting kind of postpartum depression and I swear I am still suffering. I am happy, but my obsessive compulsiveness is a little over the top. I am aware of it, and I am learning to let go. Marshall has been really helpful and aware that there are certain things that I need to work through. He calms me down when I feel a panic over something trivial, even if it's while he is busy at work.I am grateful for the love of friends and family and for prayer. I am in constant prayer as I go about my day. I am receiving answers and confirmation of the Lords love for me in countless ways. I am very blessed.
I recently sang for a beautifully arranged program at my church and realized how much I have forgotten my love for singing and performing. I am pushing myself to do it a little more and am even planning on taking voice lessons again in the next few weeks. I am SO excited for this!
My business as a hairstylist continues to thrive. I am beyond grateful for my long time clients and even my new clients that I have been getting to know. I feel blessed to be able to work from home and to manage a flexible schedule for our family while also contributing to the needs of our family.

I am mastering the art of time management. This is the only way I can guarantee time for myself, the needs of my family, my business and anything else in my life. We all have the same amount of time in the day-How I use this time is the key to helping our lives move along.

My life is good! I am looking forward to another year of this crazy life and the personal growth that comes from living.

Thank you for the love and the friendship and for tagging along on our personal and family updates.