Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November in a nutshell

November was a blur. It came as fast as it went and the only real photos I captured all month were on thanksgiving day. How does time do that?

We enjoyed the many warm fall days and tried to get a few bonfires in.

I took my trip to visit my sister in WA. It was wonderful to see her family and to hold my new baby niece. I am so obsessed with her.

We explored metamorphosis through our butterfly garden. We loved these butterflies and were sad knowing that they wouldn't live for very long. Next time we will do it in the Spring so we can release them outside. 

I have a new calling/responsibility serving at church. I am still in the Relief Society women's organization, now serving as secretary. This is a new calling for me and testing my organizational and commitment skills.

We had a small thanksgiving. I didn't even make a turkey this year. We had ham and potatoes and I picked up pies from bakers square. We brought pies over to Marshall's sisters home and it was nice to catch up with them. The boys loved playing with their cousins, too.

Marshall's coaching season started. Long days at home alone with all the boys have started and so far we have survived.

We are excited for December and the wonderful spirit that comes with the Christmas season. 
We love to hunker down and hibernate during the chilly winter and with Marshall gone and a van that sometimes likes to be dead, it's easy to do that. :)