Friday, November 4, 2016

October in photos. SO many pictures.

October. Oh October. You beast. You busy beast.
October is the busiest month of our entire year.

I won't go in depth about all that we were up to- but maybe just a little to keep us up to date.
We picked up a wagon from someone who was moving- holy cow, how have we never had one of these? Every family with multiple children should absolutely have a wagon. 

We took the boys to walk around the LDS Temple Grounds on General Conference weekend. They LOVED it! And I am so happy I got this adorable shot of them.

Ezra finished up his fall soccer season this month. He has improved tremendously this year and it was so fun to watch him out there.

I have been catching the boys hiding out in the bunk talking and playing together and I love it. They know I love it, so it is fun when I catch them- they really cheese it up.

Oliver is such a handful. He is rambunctious, fearless, and oh so talkative. He is also the biggest snuggler and even the biggest grump if you catch him at the wrong time, or maybe pull him from his bed too early. He is bossy.

We made it to the park with friends a couple times.

The boys take turns teaching some of our circle time, this must have been Oliver's day to teach. :)

We had a lesson on Noah's ark - and created our own out of yummy snacks.

Ezra had a Halloween piano party at his piano teacher's home. It was great fun!

  Ezra is such a good sport. He would much rather play and run around and play legos but tries so hard to focus when he needs to. It's not always easy in our busy house, but her does well. He has really picked up on his reading and writing this month. I am so proud of him.
Oliver is really part of the boys club lately.

We spent a morning playing in the leaves. We made big piles and jumped in to them.

When we learned about worms, we also ate them. I almost convinced the boys they were real.

The boys LOVED this worm lesson.

We visited the Minnesota Science Museum. The boys loved so many things about it. I am so happy we have an annual membership so we can go back anytime.

I am so glad when Marshall and I can get out for a quick date. We went to Ikea to pick up a shelf for our "schooltime area and stopped at shake shack at MOA.

Here is our shelf! All that's missing is our chalkboard... but wait...

 I can't get enough of this Boy. October is his Birthday month!

We had our family photos taken. The boys were perfectly behaved and CALM! We got some great shots.

Oliver was very smitten with this wig head.

Oliver also dumped all this cereal on the floor and knew immediately he shouldn't have.

We celebrated all October birthdays at Red Robin. Great Grandpa,Grandpa, me and Ezra all have October birthdays, so we celebrate!

The weather in October was amazing! We spent a lot of time in the yard and Eli has mastered climbing the fence.

I'm trying to spend some more one on one time with Oliver. Our days are going so quickly and with schooltime with the older boys, he easily gets neglected. We pulled out the baby/toddler toys and dumped them on the floor. He had a blast!

Marshall took the boys camping again before it gets too cold- they LOVED it! They are already planning their next trip!

Trying to get the boys to sit still while we do a quick lesson can be quite a challenge, but we try so hard. 

I ordered new glasses... Not these of course.

Ezra lost his first tooth! Toothy fairy came and left .50! He was so happy to remembered, especially since he accidentally swallowed his tooth.

I turned 31! Made my very own keto carrot cake.(cupcakes)

Halloween costumes!!

 The boys were invited to a friends halloween party, but they all came down with gnarly colds. So, instead- we had our own and had so much fun!

We made Frankenstein.

We made ghosts (suckers) for our friends.

We made a spider"web"

The boys did some fun Halloween worksheets and had a really great day.

Eli's eyes are doing so great! He is down to an hour and a half for patching (instead of 3!)

We all (including me) had our flu shots! They boys were so tough!

We stopped at the party store and looked at all spooky costumes and accessories. The boys get a real kick out of all the things.

Ezra is part of the Barnes and Noble kids club and gets a free cookie for his birthday, so we of course stopped for one. (after shots at the doctor's)

Eli kept saying "this is the best birthday, ever!" He was able to get a treat, too.

Green cake! 

Finally! Our chalkboard is up!! It's almost like a real school room. (Our big map over the desk isn't up here, but it is now. It looks great!)

Marshall and I were invited to a murder mystery Halloween party. We were to dress like we were from the 20's and get into character. We had english accents and everything. It was so fun! We had a lot of fun getting our costumes ready. Marshall got very into it. ;) He grew his beard out all week just to carve this mustache out perfectly.

We also went to a Halloween party at our church.
The boys love being in their costumes and I loved it, too.

We were the Avengers!!!

We actually skipped trick or treating this year- the boys were so sick and instead we watched some Halloween shows together. The boys hardly even noticed.

Just when we thought Ezra's birthday was over, Ezra was sung to by his church friends. I LOVE this cupcake!

Ezra loves making letters with things around the house. Here is his "o" (he insisted on a photo)

We made ghosts on Halloween day.

Recess/fitness class outside. WE all did sprints and played chasing games in the backyard.

Here is Ezra again- finding letters in nature.

Oliver LOVES being outside.