Monday, December 12, 2016

Eli is 4!

For the past week I have observed Eli. I have watched the way he uses his body to do things and his words to explain things. I have marveled at his quiet confidence and his sweet, calm and sincere gift of a personality and find myself completely swelled with love for him.  He was born on such a special day (12.12.12) and it has to be because he is and will be such a special boy. He came into the world with tender little mercies and has endured through his parents trying to figure them all out. We are still a work in progress. We try to keep on top of his eyesight, allergies and asthma and surprise illnesses and maybe even a broken bone here and there. He has had his fair share of visits to hospitals and doctors offices in his 4 years. 

He has always been cheerful,loving and kind. He enjoys jumping (really. He loves to jump. He can do it for minutes on time.) Swimming. Ketchup on everything. Playing with his brothers, Storytimes and school time and he makes up the most creative stories that are sometimes a little too believable.

He is such a light in our home and we absolutely love his personality.
We love you Eli. We love the boy that you are growing into.