Sunday, March 5, 2017

February went by too fast..

Once again, our days are moving faster than we can keep up. 
We have been busy learning about many interesting things during the days and reading lots of books in the evenings. Marshall's swim season just wrapped up and we are starting to get used to him being home in time for dinner and bedtimes and it has been such a great help. Especially at this point in my pregnancy where I am starting to definitely feel bigger and it's a little more work to do simple tasks with the bump in the way. 
Here are a couple things from February (that I can remember) through photos...

Oliver is just one month shy of 2 years old! I cannot even believe it! How is this even possible? 
He is social and sweet, busy and sometimes unpredictable. He is speaking SO much more these days and is extremely helpful and understands us when we ask him to do almost anything. He is so cool and I can't imagine life without him.

Perks of home school. When we have a lesson that requires us to close our eyes and get comfy. We take full advantage.

We learned all about Sharks and Fish! 

You can often find Eli quietly on his own "experimenting" On this praticular day, he wanted to know what would happen if he sliced into a piece of white chalk. He learned that it mostly turns into a dusty mess.

My bump/Sunday best edition. Getting bigger everyday from here on out!

Ezra is notorious for handing out costumes to his brothers and encouraging them to play make believe. I don't think their imaginary worlds can get old.

On an unusually sunny and (thought to be) "warm" day, I took the boys on a walk and we regretted it almost immediately. It was actually FREEZING and we didn't get too far. I felt stupid for not bundling them appropriately for the weather and hated the sun for being so deciding.

Eli is often in his own little world. He is not easily bothered, or easy to convince to do things to help. It can actually be a giant struggle and we have tried everything. I bought this "magical Maui fishhook" that he was dying to have. I put it on the fridge where it sat for WEEKS. We encouraged him to work with us as a family in picking up toys and after himself through out the weeks and he couldn't do it. We simplified it to just picking up the floor in his room for 5 days and he could get his reward, and this wasn't easy for him. It was really challenging. We were all really excited when he finally worked hard enough to be rewarded. Now, this is his most favorite toy. 
And, ps. Moana is the boys favorite movie/soundtrack/audio book at the moment. Eli has completely memorized the beginning of the book and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew the entire book on tape by heart in a few months time. His brain is a trap!

We were really excited to attend a friends birthday party at Chuck e. cheese. The boys didn't know how to express the amount of excitement that they felt but on the way home they were begging to go back again. It was fun to get out as a family. 

Ezra has been stealing my phone more these days and the only reason why I know is because of all the hilarious selfies or videos I find on it later. Little weasel. ;)

We learned about Birds! I took the boys to my parent's house. They have a parrot named Kobe. We were able to talk to him, listen to him talk back, observe his body, colors, beak and feet and watched how he moved and got around in his cage. The boys loved him! 
We had an activity where the boys used different tools (scissors, tweezers, clothes pins, spoons) and pretended they were beaks to get food and put it in their "stomachs" which were plastic cups. The scissors worked best but they were grateful that they have hands and teeth to eat food, rather than beaks and claw like feet.
The boys also made their own birds.

I've been having to get my weekly progesterone shots and have been taking one of the boys with my almost each time for a little date. Oliver and I found this book in the waiting room and it hit me hard and real that he will be a big brother in a few months time. I can't believe it!

Another bump shot.

Another costume creation.

Another costume duo mashup-- this happens quite a lot over here.

Selfie sandwich with the boys. I am obsessed with their faces.

After ripping the carpet out of our main floor living area months ago, I don't know why it took us so long to get a hallway rug. I finally ran to target and picked one up and Oliver loved it. The main reason I finally got one was because I knew it would mute the sound of the boys wild footsteps in the early morning. (Sad to think that someday I will miss their little feet running up and down the hall)

Can you make out sweet baby #4's little face? I am in love with him so much already. He is moving so much and I know he is getting bigger-- because I AM! 
We did learn that he has 2 little cysts on his brain. The dr assured us that this can be normal and probably something that is nothing- just part of the development process but still scary! We are praying that they will disappear and continue developing as he should.

Spring is coming! I am getting really anxious for this winter to be OVER! 

Here is to another month! We are looking forward to Marshall's parents arriving in Minnesota this week from their mission  ( 18 months away!) House hunting and Spring activities for the boys.

Hi, March!!