Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun Facts Friday:

Eli had a bad dream last night and slid into bed next to me.
As he snuggled in close and calmed himself down, he noticed the ceiling fan and said, " You guys have a nightmare smasher!" I didn't understand what he was talking about until he repeated it a couple times and thought that was the most clever and creative thing I had heard at 1 am in the morning. I love his imaginative mind! I was excited to talk to him about it this morning.

This week went by so fast. With two birthdays in the family in one week, it can get pretty exciting around here! I feel like almost every night there was lots of food and cake leftover. 

I was able to take a couple pictures of Marshall with the boys on Marshall's birthday and I am happy that I did. It has really been a long time since I've tried to get them all in a photo together and it is so incredibly obvious how much they love their dad. Ezra, especially. I could not get him out of the photos! 

Ezra's eyes closed says it all, doesn't it? He loves his daddy!

We went out to Benihana (our/my favorite!) with our good friends, and it was delicious and so much fun! 

It has actually been a while since we've gone on a date, it was so good to get out! (Thanks to my mom for watching the kiddos!:)

We made it to the library and loaded up on all our favorite books. The boys LOVE the library and even though we happen to fill our book bag to the max with mostly silly books-- I just love their enthusiasm towards books and reading. We literally do it all day, everyday. 

Oliver had his 2 month wellness check and is doing great! He is such an awesome kid and makes having a fourth child not as daunting or overwhelming because he has been so easy! Thanks, Kid!

He is non stop helpful, talking up a storm, loves to be outside in the dirt, becoming much more independent and loves his own things! I can't believe how grown up he is becoming.

He seemed to celebrate a little of his birthday everyday, too. He got cards in the mail from all over! He felt so special and very loved. (Thanks for the card/gift Great - Grandma Solheim)

Grandma and Grandpa Solheim also dropped off a little teeball set, which he also loves!


I was resting inside on the couch and woke up to silence... and the back door open. I immediately shot up and ran outside calling for the boys. I couldn't see them or hear them. But then, I heard Ezra's sweet voice, "We are right here, mom" 

They were playing on the opposite end of the deck completely out of sight. The rolled an old log out from underneath the deck and got all their digging tools. They were digging into the log and discovering things all on their own. They were telling me in rich detail what would happen to the inside of the log when they used certain tools and even the bugs that they were surprised to find. I loved their discoveries. I loved their independent and free minds as they worked together to examine a simple old log in the backyard. I imagine the log being happy to sacrifice it's insides to be dissected by two imaginative young boys during their "quiet time".

Oliver has grown pretty protective over the outside toys, trucks, cars, sticks, and rocks. He is claiming his territory!

It didn't take us long to read through Bambi- I even took my mind reading it and discussing all the aspects of it because I didn't want it to end. There was something about this book that really spoke to me and I LOVED it! I highly recommend reading this with your children or for yourself, but I sobbed and sobbed!! It was beautiful! Ezra will quote the book, too. I love his love for classic literature and how much he is absorbing through these classics. He is a sponge and it is so fun to be able to learn and grow together through reading. 

Eli, Oliver and I took a trip to target for a few things and this was the first time Eli has openly expressed wanting something. So, we took a photo of him holding it so he can remember it and we can think about what he can do to earn it. (if he still wants it later on...)

This was a busy week and next week we will be starting some new things for school time. I am looking forward to Shakespeare and some fun science lessons.

We are also really excited for the warm weekend! We will most definitely be taking a walk to the "ice cream store" (dairy queen) as a family! Honk if you see us! ;)