Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Marshall's 37!!!

"What do you love about Dad?"

Ezra - "I love daddy because he teaches me stuff."

Eli- "Because he loves me"

Oliver-"I love.. datty!"

I love Marshall. I love Marshall more every day. Every year. I have fallen in love with him more because of the man he has become through fatherhood and the experiences he has gained as a husband, as a provider and a man of God and Christ and as a person. I feel like I have had the unique privilege of having a front row seat to watching him become HIM. I love when I have an opportunity to tell the world how wonderful it is to have this man by my side through life and everything life throws at us.
 Marshall is kind, wise, patient, smart, confident, well spoken and thoughtful. He is genuine and means very well with all that he says and does. He is goofy in a "dad" kind of way- which is endearing and slightly awkward and funny at the same time. He has the smily-est eyes on the planet and the most sincere spirit. If you were an ant on the wall in our home, you would see all the things that I am telling you. You would see that he puts everything on hold to care for his children and the needs of others before doing any thing for himself. He will pause all conversation to lean down and explain and teach the boys a lesson on something as simple as a word definition or as complicated as tying a shoe.

 I love him! He deserves all the joy and love and happiness that he is given. We are blessed to have him in our lives- as the patriarch of our family and as the man at my side. Happiest Birthday, Marshall. I love you.