Monday, April 10, 2017

My Monday::

Mondays are hard. It is so hard to get back to the grind. Marshall woke up with a bad case of the mondays (Which is SO unlike him, but he had a restless night sleep) So, by default, I had to step up and keep it together first thing in the morning. I made it to the gym and it seems like every time I go now people are curious to know how I am feeling, when I am due and if this is my first baby. I am often surprised at their comments, but also extremely amused and am happy to humor them.

When I got home from the gym, the house was still dark. I slipped off my shoes and crept my way to the kitchen when Ezra made his way to me and wrapped his little arms around my ever growing waist. I love how sweet he is when he wakes up. 
He made is own egg burrito with pride (and a little help with the egg from dad)
Eli stumbled in later and asked for some cereal and Oliver woke up his usual happy self. 
I usually try to get all the boys their breakfast and sneak away for a shower while they eat but today, they ate while Marshall gathered the trash to get out to the corner and while I ... (cough cough...) watched.

I was able to put on a podcast for the boys that distracted them just enough to get a shower. Thank goodness.

After getting myself ready for the day, I hustled around getting the boys dressed and ready for the day.

After they were ready, Eli and Oliver insisted on getting outside to jump on our new trampoline (By the way! We got a trampoline! I had been talking about it for a little while and figured Saturday was the day to get one and assemble it. It took us most the day,  but I am happy we did it when we did! The weather was perfect to be in the yard!)  It was pretty chilly this morning but the he boys jumped and jumped until I literally had to drag them by their feet to come back inside.

I had a client in the morning- pretty quick appointment. This allowed the boys to watch their new favorite Youtube channel "What's inside" for a little while before we had a little lesson.

Today, we learned about Symbiosis and the relationships that animals have with one another, sometimes helpful and sometimes harmful. This was then related to the relationships that we have with people. We discussed the importance of choosing good friends. It was well received from the boys. I am so grateful that they are able to grasp the importance of these topics even at such a young age. 

After lunch, I was exhausted. I laid Oliver down for his afternoon nap and reminded the boys it was quiet time (their usual much needed time after lunch that they can practice some self led independence and creativity.- aka. my most favorite time of the day) Today, Ezra grabbed a book and tape that I forgot that we even owned. "Rough Faced Girl" it's a native american take on Cinderella and the boys love it.  They figured out the cassette tape on their own and looked at the book until it was over and then made their way downstairs to play legos together. They were quiet the entire time (which doesn't always happen) 

Afterwards, Ezra grabbed some of his reading books and him and Eli snuggled up to where I was, and he read them to us. He has come so far in his reading, I am so excited for the worlds that will be open to him through good books. I have found that he has been eagerly reading things over my shoulder, mail that comes in, magazines, ANYTHING and he is trying to make sense of anything that his eyes lay on. It's so fun. 
Eli is learning so much from watching and being apart of it. It's been an awesome thing to be a part of.

Eli had another eye appointment today to see how well his vision is doing.
He definitely still needs his glasses. but he will no longer need to patch! Hooray!! At least not for the next 4 months or so. He is happy about this, but he says also a little sad because he likes being a pirate.
I love this photo of Eli. He sat and studied these fish so intently. He told me about almost every one and their "families"
I was convinced he was correct about most of their names, I mean... what do I know?!

Eli is so used to being at the doctors and eye doctors now that it is almost like a second home to him... he kept wanting to take off his shoes and get comfy. He is also such a patient little patient.

Ezra was at his buddy's house and was so excited to have some time to play with him. I loved hearing about the good time that he had over there. We were able to tie our lesson earlier in by talking about his friendships and how he can be a good friend and how he is able to choose good friends. I could tell he loved that we were able to relate this back to him.

Eli was exhausted after dinner and fell asleep almost instantly.. as he-man (This is Oliver's mask that Eli is "borrowing" for the night) You may even notice that Eli's glasses are still on under that mask-- by the foggy lens smashed up against the pillow. He HAS to sleep with his glasses on, he says.

And here is the best shot we could get of all of after church yesterday. (Thanks, mom for the photo!)
We even accidentally all matched!

We finalized some plans for Easter and we are looking forward to hosting another year! I love to have people over and I love that my kids are recognizing solid traditions that we have and carry out.

I love that they are making memories and enjoying these times that we share with our family.

Happy Holy Week-
I am planning on discussing daily with the boys a little of Christ and his life all the way up to Sunday.

Have a wonderful week.