Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oliver is 2!!!

I cannot believe how quickly this past year has flown. To imagine my "baby" as a big brother, is blowing my mind!

Oliver is my busy blue eyed boy. He is ALWAYS happy and has been such a cool personality to add to the family. He is overly helpful and extremely obedient. He loves his brothers and does everything that they do. He is beginning to love the outdoors and would stay outside all day if we let him. He puts everything in his mouth. EVERY thing. It doesn't matter if its rocks or handfuls of dirt. He doesn't care or worry about anything. He is fearless, intimidated by nothing. Although, he doesn't like to be scared by his brother immediately after waking up, but who does? He loves to be read to, and joins in on all our school time learning. He LOVES to color and is so proud of his work. 
He loves bathtime and will yell "NO!" the minute I hold up the towel to pull him out.
His favorite "guy" is He-man. He makes anything he can find into a sword and in his own language (which is a lot clearer these days- He has a LOT to say and is talking SO much) says "I have the power!" 

I love you, Oliver. You are such a joy in our home. Thank you for being so fun and flexible with your brothers and your mom and dad. You have been such an easy kid.