Monday, April 3, 2017

Oliver's Birthday and My Monday::

Oliver's birthday was small, golden and extra sweet. It happened to fall on General Conference Sunday, which kept us in together as a family and it was amazingly sweet. We weren't rushed or hurried to get anywhere and we were able to snuggle on each other all day. We don't really do much for birthdays and I was feeling a little sad that we didn't have anyone over to celebrate him for his Golden birthday, but Marshall reminded me how sweet it was that is was just us. 

Marshall and Oliver practically share birthdays. Marshall turns 37 tomorrow and we (I am) are really excited for our birthday dinner date at Benihana!

Oliver loved his Birthday. He was sung to immediately after he woke up and was serenaded many more times throughout the day. He blew out his own candles (I am pretty sure) and took down his cake like a champ. He was given the coolest He-man toys from a friend of ours and we also picked him up a couple things that his big brothers have completely monopolized, but Oliver doesn't seem to mind sharing ;)

We have a very sweet Auntie (Emily) who never forgets a birthday, and sent Oliver the funnest Elmo card. He loved it!

It isn't until I pull out the camera and have to blow the dust off it to realize how terrible I have been about documenting our lives. I am trying to be better about it- let's start from here.

My Monday morning went as usual. I am still waking up around 4:45 to hit the gym. I am trying not to lift as much or as heavy as I am used to with my growing body. I walk on the treadmill for almost 40 minutes just to get my body to move (Especially from lounging all weekend) My body is starting to slow down and tell me to rest a little more these days. 4th pregnancy, definitely feels like a 4th pregnancy. I feel large and in charge, people!

When I got home, I got the boys their breakfasts and got out morning going. We are on a new value for the month of April- Unselfishness and sensitivity. We discussed ways that we can be unselfish and sensitive to one another today and the boys really took it to heart. Ezra was exceptionally helpful today and Eli was really open about why he didn't really want to be. I wasn't thrilled about him not being as helpful but was really proud of how assertive he was in explaining his reasoning to why he didn't want to. 

Ezra made Oliver a little nest that they could hide and sleep in together, Until Ezra willingly cleaned it up on his own without me hounding him to do so.

Ezra and Eli also jumped at the opportunity to pull their bedding off their beds and help bring them down stairs to the laundry to have them washed. This is an all day chore. I am so grateful for a washer and dryer. I don't know how women did laundry back in the day. It is a LOT of work with a family! (Although, I supposed they may have all shared a single bed)

After breakfast was all cleaned up, we got ready for the day and settled into our routine. I had a couple appointments before lunch which allows the boys some screen time. Today, they watched a documentary of how Bambi  (the movie) was made. It was interesting for them since we are current;y finishing up Felix Salten's Bambi- and LOVE IT! They boys and I have been spending our afternoons reading and discussing together all sorts of awesome things we are learning from the book and it has opened our eyes and hearts to the lives of animals in the woods. 
I can't get over Ezra's love for books and stories. And Eli's curiosity and eagerness to keep on reading. We know the movie won't be anything like the book (for obvious reasons) but we like to make Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast the differences from the book to the movie- so the movie will come when we (get in the mail- thanks ebay) and when we finish our book (probably tomorrow!)

Before Marshall gets home, we usually race around picking up the house and getting ready for dinner. 
After dinner we had a short and sweet Family Home evening on the Resurrection of Christ in preparation for Easter that we are looking forward to.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day as we celebrate Marshall's birthday and boy, am I happy he was born!

Here's to updating the blog and neglecting the load of unfolded laundry for doing so!