Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Weekend and Our Monday:

Easter weekend was lovely.

Friday night we had a family movie night. We finally got around to watching Bambi. The boys loved it but Ezra and I couldn't get over how much different the movie was from the book. The book is SO much better. It was almost hard for me to watch the whole thing because I wanted it to be like the book so badly.

The Easter bunny came to our Friday night and the boys were surprised to have baskets and eggs Saturday morning. I love watching them search for the eggs around our little house. Oliver was the coolest, I can't get over how quickly he got the hang of filling his basket!

We went to another little Easter egg hunt at church later Saturday evening and the boys were able to get even more candy and eggs. We have wayyyy too much candy over here now.

We went to church Sunday morning and I was able to perform "I stand all Amazed" in a cool arrangement and was so grateful for a friend who played the piano for me. Eli bounced his way up to the rostrum and stood next to me (I am sure he was smiling although I couldn't tell-- I was singing and wringing his wrist in my hand ;)

After church, Marshall took the boys on a walk while I prepped our Easter feast. I love hosting (even without an oven!) My mom was there to help me peel potatoes and eggs. I don't think I would have gotten it all done in time if she hadn't helped.
Dinner was delicious and we were happy Marshall's parents and brother were able to make it.

We have been taking cheesy holiday photos of our growing family since the beginning of time and as crazy as it can be to get all of us to look at the camera, we do it! And I am so happy we do! It is so fun to see how much our family has expanded and to see how much the boys have grown. Here is our photo from last Easter. Oliver looks like a baby!

Oliver was extra snuggly with Marshall this weekend. He would give him real hugs and would follow him around like a shadow. He also isn't usually so attached to his pacifier either but we saw the pediatrician a week or so ago and she noticed a couple teeth in the back making their way through and I have a feeling this is the reason for all the love. Marshall milks it when he can. :)

Ezra found my phone and kept trying to take pictures of me gathering the garbage to get it out to the curb, there was no way I was going to let him get away with that, so I told him I would pose for him. He loves to take pictures and even a post gym photo at 6 am, I  had to let him. I am 28 weeks- Still making it to the gym at 5 am! Hoping to keep on going until I no longer can!

 I caught Oliver reading to his puppy. Marshall caught him reading to him, sharing food with him and tucking him in for nap this weekend. I think Oliver is ready to be a big brother. He is really so sweet and kind(To his puppy) To his brothers? He is a tank!

Ezra practically BEGS to work in the salon, he knows this is the only place in the house that I will
"hire" him to work for pay. We don't do allowance at our house, because being a part of a big family is a lot of work, just comes with the territory. So, he needs to find "work" to earn money for the things that he wants. I am a strong believer in the value of hard work and the experience that can come from hard work. All on his own, he started a little business.

He made tiny little "stop" and "go" signs with the appropriate colors, paper, tape and straws. He really wanted to sell them for $2 a piece. We talked about who his market was, who (the consumer) was and how/when/why they could use or need his product. He then lowered his price to $.10. 
Eli was a happy costumer this morning and bought a sign and an Easter egg filled with little sheep (with sweet custom drawn faces taped to them) filled inside and then wrapped the outside of the egg with special foil. (Ezra spent a long time making the little cotton ball sheep and this was really hard for him to sell. I loved watching how he dealt with this) Eli purchased both items for .25. Ezra was feeling pretty confident in his first sale.

So confident, in fact, that he made a sign and put it outside our front door that reads,

(I really don't want anyone coming to my door, but I have to leave it here, right?)

He asked if I knew anyone who would hire him for work, so I asked some trusted friends 
to let me know if they needed a helping hand and let them know what kind of experience he told me had. I love his ambition and persistence. He's going places, people! I love watching his drive!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I packed the boys up and we went to the local nature center. They love hitting the trails and running free.

Ezra couldn't believe how heavy these antlers were. It was fun to remind him how Bambi grew into a handsome stag and probably antlers similar to these.

And a leg like this one....

 Oliver loved getting out of the stroller and running wild in the nature center with his brothers. I can't always let him out of the stroller, especially at places like this. Oliver is becoming a lot more obedient and compliant. He follows his brothers around pretty well, and will run off if he has a chance, but was good about staying close today. Thank goodness!

After the nature center and lunch, the boys had a nice quiet time together. They cut up paper and were making more crafts. They also jumped on the trampoline  and blew bubbles outside all together up until Marshall came home from work.

Later on this evening, Marshall took the boys to their very first gymnastics class. They LOVED it.
Marshall said Eli was running from one station to the next and was in his own little world. Eli said he like the rock wall the best (even when he wasn't supposed to be on it). Marshall also said that Eli was jumping and doing somersaults left and right. I can't believe he still had energy after the busy day we had.

          Ezra was a good listener and he enjoyed the hanging bars the best. Ezra said he had a lot of fun and that the time went by so fast.  I am so glad that we signed the boys up for this. They need to move their little bodies!

This week is going to fly by, I can just feel it!

Have a great week!