Sunday, May 21, 2017

May: In Photos!

May is on it's way out and I am finally getting a moment to load and post all of our photos from the last few weeks!

Here are some photos of all that we have been up to, it has been crazy! But FUN!

The boys and I (and grandma Debby) visited the cleanest and sweetest little farm. The boys were able to hold the chickens, walk through lots of mud with their boots, chase a chicken and pick it up! (Eli was awesomely fearless, I couldn't believe he did this!) gather eggs from the chicken coop, Eli took one from right under the hen, saying, "It's warm!" I would have pecked him if I were that hen! They were able to milk a goat and feed the baby goats bottles and they were all able to sit on the horse. We LOVED it ! We will definitely go back, it was so awesome. (Squareroot farms in Corcoran, Mn)

-We have been learning a lot of fun and random things at home. Ezra has requested things of interest. In example, photographing us and all the things at the farm- Ezra took a lot of the pictures,  Presidents, current and past. Presidents on money, How microwaves work, Wizard of Oz. Adventures in Robin hood.  How to determine the ages of trees (this was hard! I had to call Marshall!), Tree grain art, Greeks, Bull jumping, and color coordinating our legos while talking about organization and classification, bug, slug and worm collecting and trips to the grocery store with all the boys on my own, we talked about safety,budgeting and meal planning (total success- the boys were a dream!) and lots of other really cool and interesting things. 

-The boys finished their gymnastics class and LOVED it. We are hoping to find another class for them in the future.

-We have celebrated birthdays for friends, Baby showers thrown by my dearest friend(s), mother's day and bridal showers for my sister. It feels like we are partying nonstop over here! 

-I have been especially grateful for my good friend, Tricia for helping me out weekly so I can get to my doctors appointments without kids. She has made something that I was so worried about completely easy and stress free. The boys look forward to playing with her kiddos every week and absolutely love their standing play date.