Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day

I didn't give my mom a proper Mother's day- not one that she truly deserved anyways. Nor could I if I had even tried just a little bit harder, She is worth far more than words on a card and flowers in a vase. She lives her life as a constant gracious example to me. She is angelic in her meekness, selfless in her every motive and Christlike in her every thought and word. She embodies everything that I hope to be as a person and as a mother. Through all these wonderful attributes, she has even taught me to laugh at myself and to find humor in the awkward and goofy things that life hands to us. I am so grateful and so blessed to be her daughter. I am grateful for the eyes that I have been given because of her, to watch her every year of my life. Now, as a mother, I understand the love that she has for her children as I have for my own, I understand all that she did and sacrificed for her children and I can't help but love her and appreciate her even more.`

My Mother's Days have gotten sweeter and sweeter every year. I was able to sleep in while the boys made breakfast and cards. Marshall had all of them helping in the kitchen and even with all the cleaning. (It took him 3 hours from start to finish. I felt really guilty! But really spoiled)

The boys were very kind and sweet in their words and actions and they were also very expressive in their love for me. In their little voices and vocabulary and in their small gifts, I could feel the huge amount of love that they feel for me and it made me teary eyed all day. Marshall gave me the most perfect card that brought me to tears and the boys were so excited to sing a song that they had been working on in primary for the last couple weeks. It was absolutely everything that I needed to hear. I bawled! 
 I know I am surrounded by so much love in my home and that is such a special blessing in my life.

We were able to have some photos taken by the amazing Paisley Ann Photography. She needed models for a mentoring session she was doing and I am so honored she asked the boys and I to be her subjects. I really love that I have been able to capture all sorts of stages of our growing family, I love that we were able to get some beautiful photos of the boys before our new little babe joins our family in a few weeks.

These boys have taught me more about life and it's beauty than anything else in the world. Becoming a mother to these unique little boys has been a jumble of a million emotions at a million different moments. I know that all of my children were sent to me just at time I needed them most in my life. They have taught me a love that truly was heaven sent.