Saturday, July 8, 2017

:::Isaac Beirne Abrahamson:::

All of my children were born between 35-36 weeks. When I made it to 37 weeks, my body was done. When I made it to 38 weeks, my mind was losing it and my body couldn't take it much longer. I started to feel like I was claustrophobic in my own skin. I was so limited in every movement I made and everything hurt. I was no longer sleeping at night. I would waddle around in the night, testing our every position I could manage on every soft surface in our home. I even slept sitting up with pillows up my back and behind my neck with my swollen feet planted on the ground.When I made it to 39 weeks and my doctor suggested an induction, I immediately agreed. I was almost emotionally over the edge at that point. I complained daily to Marshall (bless his heart for dealing with me- but I was so miserable) In the last days of my pregnancy, anytime anyone would ask how I was doing, I couldn't help but blink back tears because I wasn't doing well (I was being overly dramatic now that I think back, but any woman that pregnant has to agree with me, right sisters?!). I worked in the salon up until the morning I went into the hospital for my induction which helped me pass the time and plow through the last month of pregnancy which helped tremendously in a lot of ways.

The date of induction (7/6/17) wasn't exactly convenient with how Marshall's work projects in the office were panning out and we knew he would have to go into work. It worked out that my little sister, Kelly, was able to pick me up at 5:30am and take me to the hospital. Marshall was able to get the boys going for the day and his mom (and dad!) was able to take over for the day while Marshall headed into work to finish up some odds and ends. I kept him updated with everything that was happening while in the hospital. 

Being induced was such a crazy experience. All of my other deliveries were spontaneous and preterm- like little surprises. This time around, I was able to wake up, shower, shave my legs, style my hair and even have fresh makeup! I was even up late cleaning and organizing our house for when I would be away. I kind of loved it. (No, really- I REALLY loved it.)

My sister and I made it to the hospital right on time. 6am. They checked me in, got IV's going and things started moving fast. I was dilated to 3 before starting the pitocin- which is a great starting off point. They started my pitocin at a 2 which is almost nothing (goes up to 24) I started progressing fairly quickly and by 8am, my doctor broke my water to get things moving "naturally" without having to up my pitocin. I was managing my pain, but knowing how quickly I normally progress, I asked for my epidural almost immediately. When the anesthesiologist came, I was really missing Marshall. He was on his way but he is usually always there to hold me still when they poke my back. I knew what to expect with the epidural as I have gotten them before, but this was the first time I panicked. As he was working through my back, he said, "Now, you will feel a little twinge.." and immediately I felt the gnarliest pressure and pain twinge move immediately on the right side of my body all the way down to my toes. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I couldn't even control my reaction to this. I immediately was gasping and clinging my fingers to the edge of the bed letting everyone know the pain I was experiencing. Something was not right. The anesthesiologist immediately corrected the problem and remained incredibly confident and professional. He then taped up my back to make sure everything was secure and not going to move. I was relieved when the pain was gone and my epidural kicked in. So relieved in fact, I peed the bed... like soaked it... completely... Before the catheter could be placed. I was so embarrassed, But I had no control! My sister and I couldn't stop laughing about it ( I was so glad she was with me through all this- she lightened the mix of energy in the room and made me so much more comfortable.)

Marshall was there shortly after getting the epidural and the bed wetting. (haha) My adrenaline was in full force and I couldn't help but shake. I asked him to hold me knowing if he held me, I would stop and I did! I didn't want him to let me go but it got awkward....for him. probably.

I had a nurse and a nurse in training which was kind of awesome. They were so thorough and by the book and they didn't take their eyes off my for a second. Which was truly a blessing- They noticed immediately that the baby's heart rate was dropping down to 70 when I was having contractions, they came running in and threw oxygen on me and moving me into different positions to get his heart rate back where it needed to be. (They really did a great job keeping calm, but I was so scared) 
I had a very posterior cervix up until this point - which meant he was pretty far up and needed to come down- he had made his way down most the way and I would need to push him out the rest of the way (at least that's what it felt like) I was ready to push and felt a lot of pressure when my doctor arrived.

My doctor, my nurses, Marshall, and my sister huddled around me as they prepared the energy for what was going to happen next. I was finally relaxed and ready to push and prepare to meet our littlest boy. 

He made me work extremely hard. He wasn't coming out easily because of his body placement, the nurses had to move his body by pushing him around on my belly. It was very uncomfortable. Thankfully, I had an awesome epidural because I could tell by the pressure that this was going to hurt the next day (And I was right.. my entire body felt like it got hit by a train) I pushed for over an hour, which is a long time for me, It was almost like having my first baby again (not to mention, he was definitely a much larger baby than my others.) Everyone in the room kept talking about how swollen my bottom was and prepping me for the pain I would feel the next day. I knew what to expect, but was grateful for the heads up ;)

I was able to see the reflection of all the action happening through the relective framing on the lighting on the ceiling. I wasn't interested in seeing too much more than that, but it was amazing to watch the doctor patiently work to get his little body moving. He was sunnyside up and stubborn! My doctor was so great about not doing anything too invasive to get him out, she worked with my body and his to help him into this world.
 Everyone cheered me on and coached my pushes all the way to the end.

It's always so emotional to me to imagine the angels in the room who play such an active and present part in the birth of any child in the world. I am always so grateful to be such a vital part in this experience.

"You're doing it Kristy!! You are doing, it!! Here he is! Push Push Push!! YAY!!!-- now light pushes....! YAY!! Good JOB!!!! You did it!!" " He is here!! He is Beautiful!"

I looked over my shoulder to Marshall and my sister, with tears rolling down my sister's cheeks and her hands held infront of her face and Marshall's wrinkles in his forehead and watery eyes, I knew I did it. I did it! He was here! 

The angels and the nurses worked around me as they placed his heavy and warm little body on mine.
THAT is by far the most amazing experience of birthing a child.
 There is nothing like working your own body to help another body exit and then holding that body on top of the vessel that he was created, nourished and grown.

My heart and my soul was filled with a love that I feel tremendously blessed and chosen to experience. I have these moments as a Mother where I know for absolute certain that I am loved by my Heavenly Father and know he knows these little spirits and knows me enough to send them to our family. He trusts me with them for their life on earth. 
This is such a rich and rewarding honor.

Marshall cutting the cord.

SO happy my sister was able to grab the camera and take some photos right after he was born. It was like a surprise gift when I loaded these photos onto my computer. Such treasures.

The next day, the boys were so eager and so excited to come and meet their little brother.
They couldn't wait to get their hands on him. 

We are anxious to get settled in at home as a family of 6! I am looking forward to recovering and getting back into the grind as a busy mom of these busy boys. I am also looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer.

Here are some photos taken at the hospital.
Including our social media announcement that I couldn't help but share even before he had a name.

Isaac Beirne Abrahamson
(Marshall gave him his first name and Beirne is my mother's maiden name. We really wanted to give him a hawaiian name, and giving him my mothers name seemed to fit perfectly.)