Monday, July 17, 2017

Since we've been home

Isaac probably loves us or hates us all at this point in his new little life.
He either loves the endless amounts of kisses and squeezes and faces in his blurry little vision or he wishes deeply that we would leave him alone to sleep and to fill his diaper in peace. Regardless of what he thinks, we love him and we can't get enough of him.

I am so grateful that Marshall was home from work this week and was home to back me up on all the things. The boys have all been spoiled with the one on one they received from Marshall and I am a little worried of how my days will be once he is back at work. I SURVIVED today!(Seriously, pray for me!)

Isaac had only one day where I worried hard that it would never end. It was Tuesday, he was 5 days old and he cried and nursed and cried and nursed ALL day! ALL. DAY. LONG. I literally thought this was just him, this is just who he is going to be and we needed to buckle up for the next couple months, BUT after many silent prayers, he hasn't had a day like that since. He has been just like any other baby we've had in our home. Hungry, sleepy and sweet. He is up in the night as often as newborn should be and nursing as often as he is demanding. Which seems kind of demanding, but that is my job! 

I was able to do a couple hair appointments this week which I anticipated being a little crazy and stressful around his demanding schedule, but he cooperated fine and Marshall was there for him when needed. 

Our amazing friends have been bringing us dinner and it has been so appreciated. One less thing for us to have to think or worry about as we are transitioning to a 6 person family and we are SO grateful. Besides, everyones cooking is way better than my own. 

My mom has always given my children their very first baths once we are home from the hospital. She used to be an RN in the NICU up until last February when she retired. Watching her with Isaac has been really sweet- I can tell she really misses the teeny babies she used to care for. Caring and loving babies is so natural for her, she doesn't even have to think about how to do it. I am in awe of how gentle she is. Isaac of course didn't love his bath, but was perfectly content once he was warm and dressed. 

We are getting used to having another little person to care for 24/7 around these parts. It's amazing how natural it has been to have him home with us. It is almost like he has been with us so much longer than 10 days. I love the spirit in our home when we have a baby. I can tell the boys are trying desperately to be "big" and to be helpful- they are most definitely establishing their new places in our family and I am anxious to see how the days roll on with them as their relationships all form together. 

We took the boys to the park the other day when the weather was perfect and the boys were restless. I walked the path with Isaac in the stroller and Ezra by my side. Eli and Oliver were on the swings as Marshall pushed them. I waved to Marshall from across the way, he waved back. It was in that moment when it hit me how much harder it would be for us to come together in our days to make sure we are on the same page, that our needs are met together. There will be a different dynamic in our home as our family grows and as each child grows a little older. But I am excited because I feel like Marshall and I come together better and stronger within every year. I am grateful to my mom for watching the boys for us so we could go on a quick date alone.

Being a mother to boys has been such a tremendous adventure and blessing. Filled with countless moments to build me as mother, a wife and a person. I am learning something new everyday!

Here are a couple Random photos from Marshalls phone and mine from the last couple weeks.