Friday, July 28, 2017

Life Lately//Fun Facts Friday

Despite a little grumpiness here and there (I am lying- I've been a lot more than a little grumpy lately..eeek) But every day I feel a little better. I am finding my will to care about the constant destruction and toy piles, book piles and messes is dwindling. I have been allowing them to do things and pull things out and make messes and forts and pillow mountains and all the things I normally wouldn't- just to keep them busy and happy while I don't have to lift a finger. I just get grumpy when they aren't willing to work together to pick it all up and get the house back to normal- Because, it is normally me on my hands and knees doing it alone. And that gets old, real fast. Let's be honest, I am the only one who cares to keep the house tidy and I am actually getting used to it. Besides, It has become almost therapeutic to send the kids outside with dad while I clean the house while I listen my music. (not the disney station for once) 

Here are a couple Fun facts from our lives lately.

-I feel like we are back on track with Marshall back at work. I have been able to handle all 4 kids and all their crazy demands on my own. I am finding a nice daily routine that works for everyone and keeps all of us happy and on track.
Ezra even said, "You don't even yell at us, mom" But I think he was buttering me up, because I KNOW I yell at them.

-Marshall is so close to being done with the backyard fence. I cannot wait for it to be finished!

- I love that Ezra has already been sharing his love for books with Isaac. Ezra and Marshall have been plowing through the Hardy Boys series as they read a few chapters nightly. Our curriculum and books have been rolling in and we are getting really excited to start our school year and dive into some great reading material. I think we will actually start in a few weeks just to get moving- Ezra is really eager to get started and why not? 

-Somehow Ezra picked up a running nose and I haven't let him touch or hold Isaac since (this picture, really) and it is KILLING HIM! He wants to hold him and touch him and help but he is very protective of Isaac and doesn't want him to get sick so he has kept his distance, even though it has been so hard. He is such a good big brother (especially when he wants to be)

-I taught Ezra about Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives this week and Eli picked it up as well. It's so great when Eli and even Oliver can learn alongside Ezra. Eli can tell you a noun, a verb and an adjective! 

- We signed Eli up for a little tigers martial arts class and I am really hoping this will be good for him. He sometimes gets bulldozed over by Oliver (because he is too sweet to defend himself) and we tell him to throw hims arms out in front of him and yell "stop!" or "no" but he won't do it. Maybe with this class, he will feel more comfortable defending himself or at least being assertive enough to yell. 

- Oliver (my 2 year old!) has been his normal reckless self- He is always happy but always a mess and always into something. He is mostly always ruthless and physical but always smiling. He is a real rascal around these parts. It is harder to discipline him than his brothers and we are still trying to figure out how to do it. He is saying sorry to his brothers, which is a major step for him, because he would NOT say it a few weeks ago. Baby steps with him, that is for sure.

-Oliver is talking so much. He is surprisingly articulate and vocal about what he wants or needs. He is Eli's shadow mostly always and definitely keeps up with his brothers. He didn't always sit for stories or even care to be read to, but runs to get his own books when it's time and loves to listen. 

-Oliver watches his brothers build and create sculptures daily and was extremely proud of his tower he made all on his own.

-I cannot believe how giant Oliver is next to Isaac. Time is moving too fast. 

-Isaac is 3 weeks old now. I would think he is 8 lbs or more now.. He eats every hour or 2 during the day (He is kind of demanding ;) and wakes up 1 to 3 times in the night. Some nights are better than others. He is the fussiest after 4 pm and all he wants is to nurse. (I am basically a human pacifier) I am trying to figure out how to keep him happy (without sitting with him for hours...) when I do clients at 7 pm. (For Marshall's sake)

He has already had 4 blow outs-  I'm still not sure how he manages to blow through the leg of a diaper and manage not to get ANY in the diaper itself. It is like a special trick or I'm just really terrible at putting diapers on (which is NOT the case, I am practically a professional)

I am still recovering. Maybe because this is my 4th baby, but this recovery seems the hardest for me. My pelvis feels as though it is split in half and still sore and weak, and my tailbone and back feel bruised and achy. I am moving much faster than I was when I was pregnant, but still not as fast or as strong as I was before. I am definitely taking it easy and trying not to over due it. I am eager to get back to my normal exercises soon. I am also eating SO much. I am almost ravenous when I am nursing, but I need to remember to control my sugar habit- it's a bad one. I told Marshall last night that I wanted to throw out all the sweets in the house --- but I am too weak. My goal is to take it more seriously when I am 6 weeks postpartum. (in 3 weeks)