Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Baby Sister got Married!

The weather was forecasted to be very stormy up until the day of the wedding. It changed, thankfully, but to a steamy 98 degrees and windy! The ceremony was held at Irvine Park in St. Paul and it couldn't possibly have been more beautiful. I had the honor of being a part of her bridal party as a Matron of Honor and my boys were able to introduce her down the aisle before she walked down with my mom and dad. I choked back tears as to not ruin my makeup and so I wasn't a hot pregnant mess up there totally overcome with emotion and losing it. My sister looked absolutely radiant. Her groom, Mike looked so happy and at ease, I thought for sure he was going to burst from excitement and pride. Their vows were perfect promises to each other and we were all absolutely touched to be in their moment with them. The reception was beautifully decorated and the kids were found immediately on the dance floor. They couldn't contain their little bodies. The music, the speeches, the company, the food was all perfect. It was such an amazing day. I am so happy for my sister and my new brother in law and it is obvious how much they love and care for each other. I am so excited for the life they have ahead of them.

Here are some photos from their amazingly talented photographers at Shuttersmack.
Not in any particular order, but beautiful, nonetheless. 
And also, some taken with our phones from the busy day.