Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Fourth of July.

We kept things pretty simple over here. Besides wearing some patriotic colors and an impromptu photo shoot taken inside the walls of ( a section) of our newly built fence (courtesy of Marshall) We really didn't feel up to doing too much.( Our poor kiddos, although they loved the day)

We are needing a new grill and haven't had a chance to pick one up, so instead of doing our usual grill out, we picked up an all american lunch from Wendy's. We had a little picnic on the deck and then afterwards, the boys ran to the hardware store with Marshall while Oliver and I took a little nap.

After they got home, I worked inside the house on some chores and waited for Oliver to wake up. Marshall continued to work on the fence, he took last week off to work on it and is about half way through. It is looking really good. I am anxious for it to be completed.

Because it was so hot, we set up the mini pool for the boys. 
I can't believe how much fun they have with this little plastic pool. It totally wears them out, but there is water thrown everywhere and laughing and squealing and usually more crying than I would like.

(Ps. I am sure Oliver has a swimsuit somewhere... but I don't care to look for it. So a swim diaper works)

They played until they couldn't handle it anymore and until everything was soaked. We cleaned up and had a simple dinner of corn dogs and leftovers (sounds so sad!) but the boys were happy!

We normally pick up fireworks every year to fire up in the back yard, but we had some from last year that we knew we could get away with and skipped picking anymore up. We drove to the park by our home and lit them up in the parking lot. The boys huddled next to the van holding each other. I was surprised they were afraid!
Since we only had a few, we kept the excitement high by getting a car wash. haha! They loved it!

This was by far the most laid back holiday we have had in a while and it was good to not be running around crazy. It was nice to just be home as a family (of 5) Our next holiday there will be 6 of us!

It is getting really exciting over here as we anticipate the arrival of baby #4.  This pregnancy has been a total mind trip. I cannot even believe that I am still pregnant! I will be 39 weeks tomorrow! 3 weeks past what I have ever gone! To be honest, this has been my hardest pregnancy. I am far past uncomfortable and just plain miserable. I am REALLY looking forward to delivering and holding this boy in my arms. Prayers are definitely appreciated to get through the last little bit.

Happy July!