Thursday, December 28, 2017

November (looking back)

November came and went quick. 
We have been busy with our everyday "school" lessons, which mostly consists of interest led learning led by the boys. Many, many books, math problems- usually inspired by money in, money out scenerios and gift lists for the holiday season. Ezra and Eli are blowing me away with the knowledge they are consuming about everyday life and all things interested and read about. They are little sponges and are really loving to learn. I am so inspired by them. I would think there would be a lull in the learning at this time of year, but there hasn't been any of that around these parts.

We learned and focused on the water cycle (again) this time including Oliver. The boys love learning about this (it's so interesting to me that they love this so much)

Isaac is even bigger this month. 98th percentile and happy. happy. happy. I am feeling really grateful that he has moved past his fussy 3 month stage and onward to a happier, more calm countenance. 

We made a couple trips to the library this month, stocked up on all kinds of books. Books about our brains, our blood, our planets, fairy tales, star wars, women in history, the creators of superman (so good) I love how much time these boys spend flipping through all of these books, studying their photos and words. My favorite is learning beside them.

Eli and Oliver have been the best buddies. They are usually happy to play together doing all sorts of fun things. Not always playing the nicest together, but when they do get a long, it is a dream!

Isaac's sleeping routine took a turn backwards this month. He was waking up every 2 hours, worst than a newborn. I was dying of sleep deprivation. 

One of Marshall's assistant coaches got married and it was a great excuse for us to get gussied up for the evening and get out of the house. Marshall and I were excited for the black tie event and both purchased some fancy clothes for the night. (This stressed me out far more than it should have. Why it so hard to find a modest, appropriate, respectable, fancy dress?)

The boys room was clean at least once this month!
We hosted Thanksgiving again. We love to have family over. Not only does it give us an excuse to scrub and clean all parts of our home, but we also get to have people over to celebrate the holiday.

Unfortunately, no great photos of our thanksgiving feast.
But we did manage to catch an annual holiday family pic. (Notice our big blackboard. Marshall and I made this!)

Also, Dinner turned out "okay"-- honestly, the turkey was a total bust. I will never go "easy" on a turkey again.  But the sides and desserts were amazing. (thankfully ;)

Ezra (and all of us) went black Friday shopping and picked up quite the deal on these nerf-like guns.
The boys all played for hours with these. 

The boys love dressing Isaac up into some type of character. This day, he was a "worker."

We always put up our Christmas tree up after thanksgiving. Marshall is usually in charge of it all, which is fine by me. I am happy to take it all down after the holidays. The boys were so happy to help their dad decorate.

Ezra is continuing to gain self confidence and independence. He has been wanting to style his own hair before leaving the house and setting the timer for 2 minutes every time he brushes his teeth.

Isaac is just the sweetest. His skin has been pretty dry, so here I am lotion-ing him all up and wishing I had his life.

Eli and Oliver after being at gramma's. They made muffins with her and brought them home and wanted to eat them in the backyard sunshine. 

We tried desperately to soak up any amount of sun we could before the bitter cold of winter arrived. I think we did an okay job.

Marshall's coaching season started immediately after Thanksgiving. Gone by 6:30 am, home by 7pm if there isn't a swim meet. (otherwise, 9:30 pm or so) 
We are hanging in there. I have us on a pretty wonderful rhythm. I don't mind him being gone all day, actually. The boys get pretty excited when they hear the doorknob jiggle around 7 pm though. :)